Beam Trainer is the best timing system

All sports timing

All sports timing with high-quality Beam Trainer

With our newest product, called Beam Trainer, you can conduct timing of all sports, for example running, resistance training with other equipment, other kinds of racing and even timing of different exercises or distances in group sports, such as football, basketball or hockey. It is of great importance that events timing is accurate and Beam trainer can certainly guarantee that. Using this application you can also save your data without writing it down, since after all sports timing Beam Timer automatically saves all results. An accurate, flexible and affordable application – that’s all you need to improve your speed.

Professional events timing

You can use Beam Trainer regardless of the event. All sports timing can be done easily. Furthermore, only one person is enough to use it, which means that the coach or PE teacher doesn’t need any assistance timing the students or athletes. We have tested Bean Trainer for many different sports. The results were amazing and all trainers were very impressed. It is really useful for all sports timing as well as beep test. The application can be summarized in just a few words: best timing application in the world.

All sports timing with only one appliance

By testing Beam Trainer on a wide range of sports we improved it to function at a universal level. It can be used for all sports and events timing as well as for the improvement of training processes in all sports, not only running. Since our team of experts has a lot of personal experience in these fields, we joined our individual know-how in order to make this appliance as flexible and simple to use as possible. We strived to make it accessible to school teachers and coaches, which is why we made it as affordable as possible. We are proud to say that it is the only kind of appliance suitable for all sports timing that is reliable, flexible and easy to use, in addition to being affordable.

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