We’ve made the usage of software so simple every schoolgirl knows how to use it!

Beam Trainer App

This new time tracking application is very simple to use. You will need nothing else but your smartphone or tablet to download the Beam Trainer Android app and start using it. For more accurate results and professional trainings use Beam Trainer app with compatible Beam Trainer photocells system which is perfect for testing at ball sports like football/soccer, basketball, handball and similar. It is great for timing, training, and testing at track and field too. After entering the app just follow these three steps:

  1. Select your team
  2. Select your activity
  3. GO!

The timing of your athletes gets automatically recorded. You can see the results instantly and email them in a spreadsheet form.

Manage your teams

You can enter your teams by typing in the names or by importing a complete team from a file. You can freely add, delete or combine the complete teams or individuals. At your daily testing, you can just deselect those members, who are not present momentarily. If you work in a school or club, where the team is not changing much, you would need to enter the team once and then simply use it for all of your activities throughout the year.

Manage your activities

In a “Simple Timing” mode, your activities are predefined already and you just use them as they are. You can perform “1-2-1”, “T”, “arrow-head”, dual gate flying sprints and similar. Just select your activity from the drop down menu and go!

In an “Advanced Mode” you can freely define your own activities. Choose the number of gates or checkpoints and set an exact sequence of breaking the gate beams. The concept of Activities allows you to easily compare the results. You can also set activities like Photo-Finish or Beep Test. The app will allow you to perform the activities such as:

  • Dual gate sprints
  • Multiple gate sprints
  • “1-2-1” test
  • “T” test
  • “Arrow Head” test
  • shuttle run tests
  • and many more…

Connect devices

Beam Trainer photocells connect with your tablet or smathphone using bloutooth connection. Photocells connect automaticaly as soon as you turn them on.

View and email results

During testing, you can see and compare your results instantly. You can email them in a spreadsheet format to your PC.