Add an extra gate and level up your training!

Find run track areas where you have to improve your skills the most.


    In addition to the basic Beam Trainer sets we offer you an option to buy extra products. Extra gates make your training even more efficient as you can track time in different areas of a run track. You can add as many gates as you need to asure the most accurate results and best sports performance. Electronic starter pistol in combination with photo finish function and one timing gate is perfect for competitions in athletics, animal agility sports and horse races.

    Extra gates

    Add an extra gate and level up your training! Extra gates are used for tracking time anywhere in-between start and finish line. For athletes every houndreth of a second is crucial for best performance especially few meters before finish line. You can add as many extra gates as you need and precisely track time in diferent areas of a run track – start, first x meters, next x meters and finish. Adding extra gates to your training gives you more accurate results and helps you find run track areas where you have to improve your skills the most!

    Starter pistol

    Electronic starter pistol is perfect to use in combination with one gate at the finish line and photo finish function to precisly determine the start and the end of timing and running time. The same device can also be used to transmit loud sound for beep or bleep tests.


    Our tripods reach a maximum height of 112 cm and minimum height of 47 cm. We have removed tripod head, which is not needed for standard time tracking. Not using tripod head also reduces production costs and lower the end price.


    Bags are not too big but big enough to carry 2 pair of gates. We have designed bags to carry Beam trainer timing gates system without taking timing gates apart from tripods. You can spare time by simply taking tripods out of a bag and start using gates without assembling. Bags also have 3 side pockets for storing your tablet, etc. and two handles to carry a bag on your shoulder or in your hand.