You can rely on the accuracy of beam Trainer timing gates

The beam system recognises false pre-hand breaks and always uses torso as a point of measurement.

Timing gates

The Beam Trainer timing system is designed for tracking time in sports, especially for timing sprinting events,  testing power and speed sports such as football, basketball, athletics, tennis, or for any other sport  where improving agility skills is crucial. Beam Trainer photocells are used together with Beam Trainer app to precisely determine starting line and track finish time or any time in-between. Photocells are based on infrared (IR) technology which means the action is caused by triggering the beam.

Number of gates

The number of gates needed depends on the type of training you have. For standard time tracking such as sprint we usualy use two gates – one at the start line and another one at the finish line. In some cases, for example circle runs or photo finish tests with starting gun, even one gate is enough. For more specific and accurate tracking it is recommended to use 3 or more gates to track time anywhere in-between start and finish line.

Product specifics

Our standard package consist of 2 gates or 4 devices (2 devices create one gate). Devices QF11-BT and QF11-T contain an IR sensor that detects infrared beam interruption, for example, when athlete passes the finish line. They also contain radio link for the transmission of information to other devices. Device QF11-GT in addition also includes Bluetooth interface by which information is transfered to the mobile device.