Beep test distance

Beep test – distance

When performing a beep test, distances and times need to be measured to asses a person’s performance. Usually some kind of timing device is used to perform the test. Now there is a much better solution available for all coaches and sports teachers. We can offer you a wireless sports timing system – the only one of its kind in the world. Compared to other similar applications it is easy t use, extremely accurate and efficient, and last but not least: affordable. While doing the beep test (distance between two lines, marked by cones, is 20 m) you don’t have to worry about being accurate, there are no mistakes in writing down the data or saving it – it is all done by Beam Trainer. You can also use different additional features, such as photo finish.

Beep test – 20 m distance

Also known as the 20 meter shuttle run test, bleep test, pacer test or Leger-test, the bleep test (distances and times are essential) is a multi-stage fitness test, used by sports coaches or PE teachers to estimate their athlete’s maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max). A person has to run continuously between two marked lines that are 20 m apart and has to follow the recorded beeps (hence the name of the test). First the speed is quite slow, but it eventually increases. When the athlete can’t follow the beeps and run as fast as demanded anymore – if he fails to reach the line two consecutive times after being warned – the bleep test (distance between the lines is 20 m) is finished.

Wireless sports timing systems – timing devices you can use for a bleep test (distance running)

For a bleep test, an exact distance between the lines and a pre-recorded tape, are essential. You can perform this test in two ways: you can use a pre-recorded CD that you insert into a CD player and press the ‘start’ button. After teach test is done, you have to write down the results and repeat it as many times as needed. But there’s another, much simpler and easier option. Perform the bleep test (distance between lines stays the same) by using state-of-the-art sports timing system, called the Beam Trainer.

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