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Electronic timing gates

Electronic timing gates – Beam Trainer

When it comes to electronic timing gates and sports timing equipment the only policy to follow is ‘choose quality’. With Beam Trainer that is precisely what you get: high quality and state-of-the-art wireless timing system. When you try it out, you will understand what we mean. The system has been designed to suit coaches and sports teachers – whether they teach individual sports, like running or team sports like football or hockey.

Electronic timing gates for flawless timing

There are many different kinds of sports timing equipment, but there is only one Beam Trainer. It is like no other wireless timing system. Electronic timing gates are wirelessly connected to your mobile unit (tablet PC, Android phone…) and all data is directly transferred to it. Since the runner is the only person, who can trigger the timer on electronic timing gates and stop it, there is practically no room for error. No more stop-watches that are always started just a little too early or too late, no more piles of paper with results that are always full of mistakes. Just effortless and flawless timing of different competitions or training sessions, to improve agility and responsiveness. When you use Beam Trainer speed gates, the sport always wins!

Wireless timing system for professional or amateur use

Beam Trainer is so easy to use and of high-quality at the same time that this sports timing equipment and its electronic timing gates can be used both for small amateur groups, as well as bigger competitions or teams. With our electronic timing gates or speed gates, any sport and sportsman can benefit – either by using it during training or to time running competitions. It is so easy to use and so versatile that any coach can use it alone to test the athletes’ speed and agility. At the same time, it is flexible and accurate enough, to even be used in bigger competitions.

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