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Athlete set


The Athlete set is perfect for all coaches or trainers in different sports clubs, schools, universities, etc. who want to take trainings to another level. Additional timing gates or electronic starting gun can be added.

How does it work?

The Athlete set is very comfortable to use. It includes two timing gates, four tripods and a bag. Typically one gate is used to determine the start of timing and another to determine the end. That would be for example a setup for 2o  meter dash. You can add as many additional timing gates as you want to time intermittent times as well. In addition, any gate sequence can be configured in the app, like 1-2-1 repetitive drills. Timing gates seamlessly connects via Bluetooth to the Beam Trainer app on your tablet or smartphone. All test results occur promptly on the screen and are automatically stored to a spreadsheet file or a cloud database along with the names of your team.

Typical use-cases include:

  • One (or more) gate setup can be used for repetitive drills (like “1-2-1”). Any sequence can be easily defined.
  • Two or more gates setups can be used for flying sprints.
  • Optionally you can combine your timing gate setup with an electronic starting pistol. The pistol sends the (starting) trigger wirelessly at the exact same moment as the sound is produced.
  • The starting pistol can be used for the start, one timing gate for the finish, and a photo-finish module within the Beam Trainer app to precisely determine the timing of all sprinters

Base set components

2x Timing gate

1x Beam Trainer Application
4x Stands
1x Bag