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Elektronische Zeitmessung – Beam Trainer

Elektronische Zeitmessung – Beam Trainer Wenn es um die elektronische Zeitmessung im Sport geht, zählt insbesondere ein Faktor „Top-Qualität“. Mit Zeitmessgeräten von Beam Trainer erhalten Sie genau das: höchste Qualität und ein state-of-the-art-Wireless-Zeitmesssystem. Wenn Sie es selbst ausprobieren werden Sie verstehen, was wir damit meinen. Das System wurde speziell entwickelt, um Trainern und Sportlehrern die […]

Electronic timing gates

Electronic timing gates – Beam Trainer When it comes to electronic timing gates and sports timing equipment the only policy to follow is ‘choose quality’. With Beam Trainer that is precisely what you get: high quality and state-of-the-art wireless timing system. When you try it out, you will understand what we mean.

Speed training equipment

Speed training equipment for individual and team sports Speed and resistance training equipment is very important in any sport, since fast and strong athletes are more successful when it comes to competing. Regardless of the sport, the optimal physical condition of athletes is a goal of any coach.

Sports timing solutions

Sports timing solutions – Beam Trainer In every sport, timing is important at at least one level of training. Sports timing solutions play an important role in training, as well as competing. In all sports, not only athletics, there are different situations and training methods that can use athletic training tips and photo finishing software.

Beep test distance

Beep test – distance When performing a beep test, distances and times need to be measured to asses a person’s performance. Usually some kind of timing device is used to perform the test. Now there is a much better solution available for all coaches and sports teachers.

All sports timing

All sports timing with high-quality Beam Trainer With our newest product, called Beam Trainer, you can conduct timing of all sports, for example running, resistance training with other equipment, other kinds of racing and even timing of different exercises or distances in group sports, such as football, basketball or hockey.